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culture, traditions, expat, Barcelona, sant joan

Sant Joan's night

23rd of June

The night of the 23rd of June in Barcelona takes place the night of Saint John. A magical night which celebrates the arrival of summer period, two days later.

The pagan origin of the celebration comes from a worship to the sun regarding that the day is becoming longer and the summer has finally arrived.

Even though is a non religious celebration, the catholic church makes it represent and coincide with the birth of Saint John. However, the symbology of the event Is clearly related with pagan rituals: the purification power of fire, songs, dances and midnight swims.

The midsummer eve is celebrated throughout Catalonia and Barcelona and it has become a popular event that everyone lives in their own way, usually meetings with neighbours, relatives or friends for dinner, lit bonfires and dance with the music.

In each neighbourhood of the city you will find on the street bonfires, popular dinners, concerts and is a really great opportunity to meet people and discover a Catalan tradition from its interior. The beach of Barcelona is also one of the main points of the party. However, we would like to recommend that you clean all what you use to not contribute to the damage of this natural space.

Keywords: culture, traditions, expat, Barcelona, sant joan

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