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Cozy plans to enjoy in Autumn

Special plans for Autumn in Barcelona

Summer has come to an end and Autumn arrives with rainy days, brown colours and lots of plans to enjoy the season. From 080 Relocation we want to propose 4 specials plans to make this season in Barcelona a funny one:

1. Eat panellets and castanyes

It is always better to celebrate a festivity by discovering new products. That is the case of panellets and castanyes which are typical to eat in Autumn in Catalonia. Not only can you cook that little pastries at home but also you will find in the street some little shops in which they prepare castanyes at the moment. What can be better than discover the streets of the city while tasting that sweet foods?

2. Discover Barcelona by its indoor spaces

Summer is gone and rainy days are coming but that should not stop you from making
interesting plans with your friends, family, partner or alone. It is the best season to visit the
museums of the city and discover new stories and historical figures, as well there are many
cosy libraries to spend the afternoon developing your imagination or enjoying a good hot
chocolate in one of the modernists bars of Barcelona.

3. Mercat de Mercats Barcelona

One of the lovely locations of Barcelona are its markets, which we can find in every neighbourhood. The special smell of vegetables, the taste of fresh food, the vibrant colours of the fruit and the quality of the meat are part of the charm of the spaces. If you want to discover more about them the 20th and 22nd of October in the Avinguda de la Catedral , there is the “Mercat de Mercats” in which many markets from all over Barcelona shows there stalls and best products and make chats about nutrition and health.

4. Halloween and horror plans

Are you a fan of horror films? Do you love fear and fright? Autumn is the season of Halloween and many places love to prepare activities around this topic. In Port Aventura all the fun park is decorated as a horror location and there is a haunted circuit in which adults and kids will enjoy a frightening night. El Bosc del terror will as well be one of your favourites, located near Barcelona, all the forest is prepared to scare visitors and make their afternoon amusing. However, if you are a homelike you can prepare a fun marathon of horror movies from all time and prepare a bloody dinner.

From 080 Relocation Services we hope you enjoy the season and to receive lots of comments with specials plans you prepare for that charming season.

Keywords: Barcelona, expat, Autumn, plans, cozy plans, indoor, halloween

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